Synology NAS: Set up your own Cloud and replace Google

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  1. Adrian Huber says:


    Clear and very useful. Thank you!

  2. Antony says:

    Hi, did you find a way to configure DS cloud to sync a folder on your SD card. I have a HTC One M8 running android 6 and I cannot get it to select any existing folders on my SD card

    • Hi Antony, have you tried to access the path /storage/extSdCard/? Here you will find the content of your SD card. Please check this. In my case it worked very well.

  3. Francois says:

    Hi Ferhat, very detailed explanations! thanks.
    One question though: How to link your email address with your caldav calendar on an Iphone?

  4. Francois says:

    Hi Fehrat, when I receive an invitation on my email, if I accept it, I want the invitation to be in my caldav calendar.
    Similarly, when I create a meeting in my calendar I would like to be able to add invitees.
    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi François, I am not sure how an iPhone handles this but every invitation should contain an attached ICS file. What happens when you open that file? If this file is not handled by the iPhone calendar app, you will probably need an additional app. In case of Android it’s like this.
      Thanks, Ferhat

  5. Francois says:

    Hi Ferhat, yes it does content an ics file when I receive an invitation. The challenge starts when I want to create an invitation and invite people… As the calendar isn’t linked with an email account, I can’t do it.

    • Hi François, I got it now but I didn’t use this feature before. A quick test showed me that the invitation could not be received. I have to check that later and will update the article in case I find a way to handle this.


  6. Francois says:

    Thanks Ferhat!

  7. Michel says:


    BTW I fogot to congratulate Ferhat for this very nice article.
    I have some pieces already installed on my DS1515+ and will soon add more from this excellent article ?


  8. Michel says:

    Humm.. looks like my first post did not go through.

    It was related to François‘ issue that Ferhat was to look into.
    Ferhat, any news related to the calendar and invites ?


    • Hi Michel, thanks for your comments. Actually I didn’t do any further investigation on this. If you guys have any updates please share, so I can update the article.

  9. Keri says:

    Any ideas on how to set up with Thunderbird so that calendar edit from TBird will go to Synology. None of my edits work. Even reopening them in Tbird before syncing shows they have reverted to original

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